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Muscle Building Tips From Regular People.

Sometimes you try some new muscle building tips, a new workout, exercise, or supplement and all of a sudden you make great gains! The results are amazing and you only wish you had known about it sooner. Below are muscle building tips from regular people like you and me.

Fastest Chest Builder -By Ross Johnson

Hello, I have a exercise which you may have heard of, but is unlisted on your site. This is the fastest chest builder I've ever tried, and I think you may find it useful.

Step one: Lay on a flat bench as if you were doing a bench-press. With a smaller bar, usually the ones with curved hand areas, place your hands toward the center for better results, with index fingers about 5 inches apart.

Step two: Place the bar between the nipple region, and move it only about one inch above your face, then behind your head, and as close to the ground as possible. Then pull it back to it's starting position, keeping it about an inch above your face/chest at all times.

This is a very useful technique, and not too difficult, I recommend starting bodybuilders to use about 20 pounds (10 on each side), and to work from there. I use 50 pounds on each side, and the results are astounding.

Get Big Forearms -By [email protected]

Do this workout twice a week, no less, no more. Sit down on a bench. Grab a light dumbbell. Grab the end of the dumbbell and do wrist curls but make sure you do them very slowly and squeeze at contraction for maximum growth. Do 3 sets of 8. Now do 3 sets of reverse wrist curls the same way but this time use a lighter dumbbell than you did for wrist curls since it will be harder to curl.

This routine not only enhances the size of your forearms significantly, but also increases muscular definition. Soon you will see bumps and veins popping out of your forearms. Compare grabbing the end of a dumbbell to grabbing the middle of the dumbbell. My routine works great. I used to grab the middle of the dumbbell but wasn't seeing any results. Do this routine I listed and get back to me if you'd like. I am interested to know your results.

Add 25-50 Pounds to Your Bench Press in Just 3 Weeks -By [email protected]

I have been a personal trainer for the past two years, and am currently sponsored by Supreme Supplements, The easiest way for you to add an extreme amount of weight lies in the way of 3 exercises.

Exercise A) Do at least 150-200 pushups after every chest workout. These should no be all done at once, but do them in 4-8 sets. Pushups allow you to gain strength at the bottom of a bench press, where you are most likely to be weak.

Exercise B) If you aren't doing rotator cuff exercises, you are sacrificing large amounts of weight on your bench press, because the rotator cuff is one of the prime stabilizer of the movement, allowing you to move more weight. The other reason is that you are going to blow your shoulder doing heavy benches to gain size, but the injury will put you out for up to 6 months, how big are you gonna get if you can't workout?

Exercise C) Don't just use free-weight benches and flyes. Try using a Hammer Strength chest machine, either the incline or regular chest press. The benefits of this machine is that it better allows you to isolate your pectorals by taking the triceps and deltoids out of the movement. Stronger pectorals will allow for a tighter contraction, which means more growth and strength.

Forearm Exercise -By Nelson Jackson

I have a cool exercise for building the forearms. Buy a 12 pound, 36 inch, sledge hammer and some hockey tape. Wrap the entire handle with the tape. Next, mark the tape every inch along the entire handle. This is your "Handle of Power". From a standing position, grasp the handle with one hand and try to raise the head of the sledge.

Do not bend your elbow! Switch hands. Find a distance from the head, that will give you a 6-8 rep set. Do 6-8 sets. I usually start my workouts with wrist curls...6-8 reps for 6-8 sets, then I do the hammer work, then grips (10-15 reps, 10 sets, with a very LARGE wood clamp, believe it or not - from the local hardware store).

Just try to get to the end of the handle!!! For party tricks, I squash beer caps with the tips of my fingers...

Gain 1/2" on Your Arms -By Bryan

I have found out a great way to build biceps/triceps, fast! I call this my 20-40-80 workout. First you take dumbbells that you would consider, real heavy. Then you do 20 standing curls(10 each arm). After that, you go 20 pounds lighter, and do 40 standing curls (20 each arm). Finally, you drop another 20 pounds off the weight, and do 80 standing curls (40 each arm). Keep in mind you want to have at least "good form" when doing this mini-workout. For even more gains, do this forwards, and then backwards, 20-40-80 then 80-40-20. You can keep going back a forth. This has helped me gain 5.5 pounds in one month, and half an inch on my arms. Trust me, it works!!

Strike A Pose -By [email protected]

Train your weak points first, when you are strong and fresh. Remember to pose and flex the muscle group you are working. Posing and flexing your muscles is proven to bring out striations and more "ripped" effect.

Another tip: To get more peaked biceps, or any muscle group, when you reach the top of your movement, contract the muscle you are working and hold for a few seconds. I have noticed results after about two weeks using this method.

Bodypart Tips -By PETER VAN

Here are some muscle building tips that have worked for me and other people I know. I'm only 190 pounds at 6'2", and I know that doesn't sound very impressive, but it is when you are coming from 149 and 6'1" just 8 months ago. And all the while I never topped 10 percent bodyfat. My average is 7 percent. Good luck!

For Biceps, I usually use handoffs to break plateaus. Handoffs are performed with a medium weight on a barbell, with which you perform 10 reps on the barbell curl, then hand it to your partner and he also does ten reps, you keep handing of to each other until neither of you can do three reps.

For regular workouts, I usually supplement my Preacher curls, with Spider curl, on the other side of the preacher bench.This allows for more extension and isolation. For getting ripped arms, I concur with what is already posted, 21's are excellent.

For back muscles, if you aren't seeing any difference, most likely you aren't going heavy enough. Remedy this by using 150 percent the weight on your deadlifts, but only lower them to your knees. This will Target and Isolate the Rhomboids. Also vary your exercises.

For triceps, do not underestimate the power of supplementing simple heavyweight pushdowns with decline closegrip bench presses in the smith rack. If you don't have a horsshoe, do these two along with rope pushdowns and you'll have them within weeks. That's a guarantee !

For abdominals I recomend doing decline leg raises, starting with a fully stretched body then curling the legs, finally finishing up with your knees at your chest, so your ass leaves the bench. If that doesn't get the burn going nothing will.

For shoulders, just correct form and wide grips will aid the deltoid growth, and more weight will make the traps grow.

One last trick for biceps : Drag Curls for the outside biceps. I trust you know what they are. Just do a knuckle grip on the bar, keep your elows close by your side (like a reverse curl) and your shoulders low. Now move the barbell by alongside your body, as if dragging it.

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