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For Muscle Gain To Occur, You Must Pay Attention To Details!

by James P. Jordan
Author of Underground Mass Building Secrets

If you are one of those people who go to the gym dutifully, bang out the same routine, day after day, year after year and make very little muscle gain progress, then this is for you.

Very few people are willing to accept the fact that the reason that they do not have a fully developed impressive body is because they are not training right. It cannot be possible that every person with a good body has superior genetics -- or is secretly taking steroids.

The truth is there are many people with great genetics who take drugs who still have mediocre bodies and there are people with mediocre genetics who have taken the time to study, to think and to persevere in order to develop what I call the "detailed physique," which is a balanced, well-developed body which radiates health.

There are a series of steps (nothing mystical or strange) that will lead you to more muscle gain. No, I am not saying that you will be Mr. or Ms. Olympia but you certainly will be one of the best-built guys or girls on the block.

How? I call it the "Synergy to Succeed." If you are one of those unfortunate people who have been training your ass off, hoping your ass would fall off and it is still there, there is hope.

You must develop a strategy that works and stop doing what doesn't work. Sounds simple doesn't it? Finding the right strategy and the will to stick with it until that strategy is perfected for you is what separates the champions in life.

Getting a great body is like putting together the pieces in a puzzle. With one piece missing the puzzle is incomplete. To complete the puzzle you must have all the pieces and practice all the pieces consistently. More effective than steroids is the mental greatness, that drives you to complete every piece of the puzzle.

Here's My List:(You don't have to agree with everything I say. However, at least consider it.)

Proper Nutrition

Contains all the nutrients required for health and optimal physical performance.

Provides energy to train effectively for muscle gain while simultaneously burning excess body fat

Is easy to follow and practical for the long term

Eating food that tastes good so that you will stick with it

Is economical enough that you can afford it

Avoids as many hidden harmful chemicals or allergens as is possible in the current environment

Provides proper precursors for optimal hormonal production

Does not overly rely on supplementation

Proper Training

Does not employ movements that are damaging to the body

Does not employ only the use of heavy weights, thus increasing the risk of injury

Does not rely on one form of work to which the body quickly adapts

Trains the smaller as well as the larger muscles so muscles recuperate faster

Workouts are completed in an hour or less

Stimulates your body to produce increased levels of hormones for health and natural growth.

Rest and Recuperation

Provides quality rest not just a certain number of hours of sleep per evening

Allows for adequate recovery between workouts for optimal muscle gain

Eliminates symptoms of overtraining

The Checklist

Make a list. (Don't you just love people who are always telling you to make lists?) Well, lists work.

Ask yourself these questions:


Am I eating 4-6 times per day to keep my metabolism functioning optimally? (Yes, I know professional bodybuilders eat 8 times per day but you may have a job, a family or have to go to school.)

Am I eating at least five servings of quality protein to provide my daily required intake of 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of my lean muscle mass?

Am I eating a quality source of fibrous carbohydrates with at least four of my daily meals?

Am I eating the proper fats necessary for a healthy heart, optimal hormone production and energy?

Am I eating the highest quality unprocessed food that is available to me?

Am I getting the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal body function, fat loss and muscle gain?

Am I drinking enough water for my bodyweight, activity levels and climate?

Am I making sure I do not eat poor food combinations which cause indigestion and ineffective nutritional uptake by my body?

Training for Muscle Gain

Did I warm up properly?

Did I put forth my best effort today in the gym so that I can rest assured I made progress?

Did I complete the program I set out for myself?

Did I finish my workout efficiently without wasting time?

Did I keep my heart rate at the desired level for the full duration of my workout?

Did I train smart so as to not injure myself and prevent myself from meeting my goals?

Rest and Recuperation

Am I getting at least seven or eight (preferably nine) hours of quality rest per 24 hour period?

Do I feel well rested before each training session?

Do I feel enthusiasm towards my workouts?

Do I waste energy with unfocused anxiety during my daily routines?

These lists and goals seem to indicate that I expect everyone to be perfect and focus on nothing but their bodies. Nothing could be farther from the truth but you should always set your standards high. Even if you achieve 75% of your dream, the improvement will be remarkable.

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