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Is Your Weight Lifting Program Working?

by Shawn LeBrun
Personal trainer

This article was taken from my body building course "Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded"

Do you know if your weight lifting program is working for you?

Say that its been four weeks since you started your program. In that amount of time, you should probably be “feeling” more than you are “seeing.”

Sure, you may have lost a couple pounds by now, but you’re still just hitting the tip of the iceberg of what‘s to come for you if you stay with it.

Gaining muscle and losing fat takes time. That’s why the lose-weight-quick fads and diets are not long-term. They are not set up to be long-term and permanent.

But after four weeks of your weight lifting program, you should be noticing that something’s different. Your energy levels have increased, the clothes are a little looser, you’re feeling better about yourself, you feel stronger.

Now fast forward another 4 weeks. Its been 8 weeks on your weight lifting program and things should really be taking off for you. Those old clothes that you put away are out and fit again.

Your friends and co-workers think you’re sick or that something’s wrong because you’ve lost quite a bit of weight. Simply put, you should feel great by this time and you should really notice the changes.

But what if you don’t? What if nothing in the past 8 weeks has changed for the better? Are you going to just keep going? Do you really feel motivated to continue, knowing that the next 8 weeks will be more of the same.

A very important question you must be willing to ask yourself often is: Is what you are doing working for you in your weight lifting program?

If so, continue on and do not change. Just attempt to get better each day, each week, each month, and each year.

Think of every workout as a high point that you must continuously strive to reach and or pass. Do not become complacent. Become more intense as progress keeps moving you forward.

Claim what you know works. You’ve killed the beast, now claim it. Continue on doing what works and you will be set. What if what you’ve been doing isn’t working? Change it and do something else.

Often times I am amazed when I speak with people and I begin asking them what they do in their weight lifting program and when I ask them if it works for them they tell me that it doesn’t. Then they tell me that they have been doing this same routine for years.

I have to ask, if its not working, why continue doing it?

Part of the success process in your weight lifting program is determining if what you’re doing is working and if so, keep going full steam. If it’s not, stop and change what it is you’re doing, or not doing.

That is why it’s so important to learn from and model after those that have successfully lost weight and continue to keep it off.

That alone raises the chances of long term success exponentially.

When you begin doing things that have been proven to work, it drastically cuts down the stuff that doesn’t and allows you to focus and pinpoint what’s working and what may need changing.

Be willing to analyze each and every part of your weight lifting program. Feedback is important because it can help you improve upon things or change things altogether.

If you’re driving somewhere that you’re unfamiliar with and realize you’re going the wrong way, you don’t keep going down that wrong way even further do you? Of course not, you stop, turn around, and head somewhere else.

You must do the same with your approach to changing your body for the better. Be willing to evaluate your progress and make changes when needed.

After a couple weeks of working out intensely and gradually reducing calories, have your body fat tested or look in the mirror for any sign of progress. If you do not see a thing, begin to reduce your calories a bit further or attempt to do your cardio even better and more intensely.

Be willing to make changes when you need to so that you do not find yourself way off course. You must be willing to use feedback so that you can decide if you are on course for exactly what it is you want to achieve.

If not, change what you are doing so that you are back on course. If it is not working for you, change it.

During this whole process, if you focus intensely on the steps that matter, you will have such a clarity about what you’re doing, you’ll begin to notice what part of your routine is working and what is probably not.

I remember reading a Zig Ziglar book that had a great quote. Zig is a self-made success who gives motivational speeches and writes books on selling and motivation.

I remember reading the line “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

I took that line to heart every time I was running or lifting and felt like stopping.

I thought of that line often, that if I could do this, what else could I do.

Well, I still often refer back to that line while I am sweating it out at the gym or jogging in 90 degree temperatures.

However, I have adapted that line to include one other part that I feel is important in acheiving your best body ever.


It is the phrase “Taking action.” Conceive, believe, and take action and you can achieve anything you want to achieve.

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