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How You Live Determines What You Weigh

by Shawn LeBrun
Personal trainer

Did you know that how you live, day to day, determines your body weight?

It's true, if you have a lifestyle that supports weight loss, you will not have to worry about being overweight.

If your lifestyle is not supportive of weight loss and staying thin, then it really doesn't matter what you do in the gym, your results will be limited.

Here's an example.

It's the new year and you decide one of your resolutions is to lose weight, specifically 15 pounds of fat.

You give up your old, pleasurable lifestyle of eating burgers and fries four nights a week while watching your favorite T.V. shows.

Your new, improved lifestyle involves eating salads and chicken breasts and exercising at the time you used to watch your T.V. shows.

You're so determined to lose this weight that you sacrifice all sense of fun for the next four weeks while you continue to exercise each night, skipping the fast food and T.V.

Four weeks have gone by and you have indeed lost your goal weight of 15 pounds.

So you figure, hey, I've done it, I've lost the weight I wanted to, now I can celebrate a bit.

I think I'll see what's on the T.V.

You go to the fridge for a snack and realize you haven't gone shopping yet this week.

But hey, there's still those burgers and fries in the fridge, and you've earned a little celebration meal.

Soon, the long lost pleasure of eating this delicious food and watching your favorite show returns and feels so great.

So you do it again the next night, and the next, etc....

The old, unproductive habits have crept back into your life and have now influenced the newer, more productive ones.

As plain as day, how you decide to live your life each day impacts what you will weigh, now and forever.

The key is to make small, improved lifestyle changes that support weight loss and continue them until they become habit.

Then move on to another small change that benefits weight loss, replacing an older, less productive one.

In fact, by making lifestyle changes in moderation, you increase the likelihood that these changes will be longlasting and permanent.

Anytime that you go back to the unproductive lifestyle that caused you to gain weight, you can easily become trapped by pleasure to the point that all of the weight you had lost has returned again.

So do not rule out all sense of pleasure when you decide to go after your goal of weight loss, in fact, your goal of being slimmer and slender should be more pleasureable than a burger.

Start replacing old, nonproductive habits with newer, more supportive ones that contribute to weight loss and weight management and soon your concerns with your weight will be a thing of the past.

If your surrounding environment does not contribute to your weight loss, (cookies, cakes, ice cream in the house) you need to make a change so that what you keep around you also helps keep you thin.

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